VanWhy Design

I’m John  and for the past 20 years I have been using CAD software  and programming CMM‘s for aerospace casting inspection. I  use Excel/VBA along with these software programs to automate repetitive activities, add flexibility, simplify processes, and add functionality. I have become very proficient at evaluating tasks or a process and conceiving, developing and implementing solutions. Over the years this has resulted in significant savings in time and money.  I have also developed programs to add functionality not currently in Excel such as automatically generating emails/text messages and generating IGES files of inspection data for import into CAD systems. My career has been primarily focused in aerospace manufacturing but similar benefits can be gained in just about any industry.

I provide programming services helping companies to implement new software solutions and equipment, automate tasks, streamline processes, add functionality to various software tools. I  provide cost competitive solutions for companies that cannot justify a full time programmer.

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