Generating Graphic output of inspection data
Exporting inspection data to CAD
Automating import of text files to Excel

Some of the Projects I Have Worked on:

Most of these examples are based on CMM inspection data. The tools used to create these programs can be used in any industry or activity. The intent is to show the flexibility available using VBA. I am working on generating some additional working or visual examples. [demonstration video]

Automated Text File Import: I developed a program to import all .csv files from a folder. The user selects the folder and all .csv files (other file types are skipped) are read in and data in imported into appropriate columns.

IGES Generator: I have developed a program to generate an IGES file from inspection results. This allowed for graphical viewing of inspection date (points and deviation lines) in a CAD program instead of more expensive CMM inspection software. It also allows viewing of graphical results available to anyone with CAD which greatly expands the number of users able to view results. This also reduces some of the burden on CMM programmers and Inspectors. [demo coming soon]

Graphics Results to CAD: I have developed multiple programs to directly transfer inspection results from Excel to CAD systems for visualization. This greatly increases the number of users that can visualize the inspections results. [demonstration video]
Statistical Analysis Tool: I developed a complete application to retrieve inspection results from multiple part inspections. This application includes a dynamic user interface and functionality to statistically evaluate each individual point or inspected feature and also includes statistical charting. It enables Engineers to evaluate inspection results over time, observe trends and make better rework decisions. This tool helped a company avoided the cost of $100,000 for an alternative product providing similar functionality.

Automatic Form Population: I have developed multiple programs to automatically populate various forms from inspection result data. One example is an AS9102. These programs save a lot of operator input data transfer time and also eliminates user input errors. [demo coming soon]

Automated Graphic Results: I have generated programs to automate deviation mapping. What this does is when a dimensional inspection file is read in, the deviations for specific points will populate a sheet that depicts the point location in some way. This greatly saves time manually generating similar results and saves on additional CAD/CMM software costs. [demonstration video]

Automated Email Generator: I developed a program to automate sending emails of inspection results and text messages to appropriate individuals. It includes a database of users and the ability to include attachments. This helped to improve workflow by giving the appropriate personal better information in a more timely manner.

General Report Formatting tool: I have developed a complete formatting package to provide a consistent platform for reporting and data processing. The tool includes a number of features:

  • Reads in Data from 2 entirely different data sources. This enables the evaluation to be the same in multiple platforms.
  • Built in filtering to easily evaluate PASS/FAIL criteria and borderline conditions.
  • Ability to export point data in a variety of formats (.csv, x,y,z,i,j,k).
  • Functionality to email and send text messages when part data is ready for review.

The tools I have developed have saved companies a lot of software cost and countless hours in time. I am happy to evaluate your processes to see where my services might benefit you. If you have a project you would like a proposal on or would like me to evaluate your process and usage of Excel to see where I can help feel free to contact me.

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