I have 10 years experience managing a team of programmers and inspection personal with 3 years utilizing  PC-DMIS in a production environment. In addition to managing the inspection and programming teams I provided support of customization and automation using various programming tools including PC-DMIS Basic Scripting and VB.Net. In addition I also have experience managing the successful implementation of new CMM equipment and  transition from a legacy programming tool to PC-DMIS.

I provide programming services to companies with a need for automation or customization but cannot justify the overhead of a full time programmer. My experience developing multiple automation and customization tools provides a strong baseline for providing solutions beneficial to just about any organization. My experience with PC-DMIS Automation, CAD customization, Excel VBA and stand-along application development gives me a strong baseline for providing complete solutions.


Scripting/Automation: I have experience with Basic Script and VBA.Net to automate PC-DMIS. Examples of programs I have developed include:

  • Customized reporting.
  • Post run alignment adjustments to facilitate “what if” scenarios.
  • CMM Run log generator and evaluation tools.
  • Automate transfer of inspection points, features and dimensions from legacy inspection program to PC-DMIS.
  • Automated backup of part-lot inspections.


Implementation: I have managed the process of implementing PC-DMIS  for a changeover from a different software platform.

  • Evaluate needs including software and hardware.
  • Prepare formal implementation plan and proposal for changeover.
    • Costs
    • Savings
    • Timelines
    • Resource requirements
  • Planned and implemented training.
  • Assisted coordination of equipment arrival.
  • Provided technical support for changeover.
  • Prepared milestones for program changeover.
  • Managed and maintained schedules for changeover.


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